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Looking for More Protection for You and Your Family?

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Looking for More Protection for You and Your Family?

How  Residential Handyman Companies Install a Security Camera System in Your Home

The thought of drilling holes through walls in order to house video and power cables for a security camera system does seem somewhat daunting, but armed with some useful knowledge, most homeowners could find it to be an enjoyable job. However, if you are like most people, and just do not have the time or inclination, why not call in your on of the local residential handyman companies to do it for you?

Create a drawing for all your surveillance needs.

It will prove to be expensive and impractical to keep an eye on every inch of your house and property, so you must prioritize which areas you want to watch more. Create a rough draft of your house, and note where you want your surveillance cameras to be placed. Once this is done, check out every location to ensure it is not blocked and it offers the best possible view.

Purchase your cameras.

Once you have a better understanding of exactly how many cameras you will actually require, think what specific cameras you are looking for. A residential surveillance system can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand, so ensure you think what kind of cameras you need before purchasing them, in addition to the features being clearly labelled on the box it comes in.

Purchasing a monitor and recording device.

To be able to store and watch your footage, you will need a Digital Video Recorder. This will receive all the video feeds and will then broadcast them onto a monitor; this could be a television or a computer screen. DVR’s have various memory capacities which will allow them to hold a certain amount of information.

Test the equipment first.

Ensure that all your cameras, DVR, cables, and monitor work, by connecting them before you install them.


Many residential surveillance packages come with the DVR, wires, and cameras and are a much better way than purchasing everything separately.

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